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Defender One : Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need a Defender One when we are upgrading to EMV credit card equipment?
The upcoming mandate is a shift in responsibilities. There are still vulnerabilities in a fuel dispenser.
Traditional skimmers will have limited use, but local networks are available inside some fuel dispenser,
a whole new set of possibilities emerge....

Why is the UL LISTING so important ?
"A Listing is required in every state. State Regulations adopt the safety standards of the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) 30, 30A and NEC 70. UL is a third party certification and inspection leader, who has independently verified the DEFENDER ONE. Products bearing this label have met requirements. The Defender product meets all safety, temperature, and environmental variables found in a gas station. Any alarm system in a retail fuel dispenser REQUIRES a listing."

Who is Loxahatchee Electronics ?
"We have been creating solutions for the petroleum industry since 1991. Our reputation is built on reliable, sustainable designs. Defender One is protecting more fuel pumps in the United States then any other similar product. Superior fuel pump and credit card identity protection."

Why is Defender_One gas pump security better then other solutions ?
"Security is more effective when the protection is completely automated. Defender One works alone, not requiring management or employees to control it. The Defender One does simplify normal store operations. Removing human intervention increases security and lowers expenses. When people are responsible for security it may lead to vulnerabilities, lost keys, lost stickers, overlooked skimmers and a false sense of security."

Can I just change the gas pump locks ?
"Locks only keep away the honest people. Changing gas pump locks may lead to more destruction of expensive pump panels. It has been proven that skimmer installers have master keys to what is being called a secure gas dispenser lock. Replacing the factory installed pump door locks often causes indirect failure of door panel seals, allowing rain water into the dispenser. Also it does not protect other panels and hinges that can also be opened or removed."

I do not need a fuel theft alarm but I am worried about skimmer installation ?
"The Defender One was created as a gas pump fuel alarm, but it is also effective skimmer protection. By protecting the credit card readers at the dispenser, both the fuel and your sensitive customer credit card information are protected. There are two versions of the Defender One kit, a lower cost kit that only provides credit card skimmer protection."

I am getting new gas pumps soon ?
"The Defender One can be installed even when you have plans to replace existing pumps or dispensers. Many fuel pump dispenser owners love their Defender One and want to keep them, simple relocation, robust installation. Get the protection now and move it to your new dispensers later."

Can I get an alert sent to me from my gas station security system ?
"Connects to most existing alarm panels, or use it independently. There are no monthly costs or additional staff necessary to defend your gas pumps."

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