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Its no surprise that when gas went over the $3 a gallon price that
fuel theft steadily increased. The push from petroleum equipment buyers for lower costs from equipment manufactures, has made the equipment vulnerable to fuel theft. The manufactures have recognized this problem by now offering security options on new retail fuel dispensers. New fuel dispensers ARE NOT an option for most fuel station operators.

A quote from the Association for Convenience and Fuel Retailing (NACS) : ”Gas theft still plagues retailers but sophisticated new
methods of stealing fuel bring additional threats.”

Oil companies are trying hardware solutions, this may increase costly equipment repairs and may not stop the theft. Bars and locks make the customers feel uncomfortable and are ugly.

Station owners realize that they can not rely on the cashiers to confront a fuel thief. Sometimes employees are involved, sometimes they are intimidated. Chains and locks are not the image oil companies are trying to convey. They spend a fortune promoting their image, a clean safe environment is most appealing.

Loxahatchee Electronics has developed a robust solution to electronically monitor the access panels of a fuel pump. The completed solution is called the Defender_One.

The Defender_One can be connected to an alarm company’s wireless transmitter. This connection gives the Defender_One the ability to connect to most monitored alarm systems, without the need for additional wiring to the fuel pump.

pump locks are not the solution

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