gas pump alarm

gas pump intrusion police car

If an intrusion is detected, a siren will sound and fuel flow will be stopped on both sides of that dispenser!
An ear piercing siren will turn off after a minute, but the dispenser remains disabled. The Defender One will continue with an softer alert until a trusted person has examined the dispenser and reset the alarm using a secure electronic key.


electrical spikes at gas dispenser

An exclusive PATENTED method of disabling the dispenser.
Fuel cannot be dispensed on either side of a breached dispenser.


security system anchors

Unique design of our sensors and anchors.
The sensors have been specifically designed for use in a fuel dispenser, anchors allow for fine tuning.
Locking into place when panels and doors are closed.


Secure gas pump and dispenser

Security at the point of intrusion.
Inside the dispenser the Defender One has one duty, to protect that pump. It does not rely on a process working somewhere else to shut down the pump.
It eliminates human intervention better then any product on the market. It has been designed from the ground up to be the best fuel dispenser security on the market.

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