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Executive Summary:

The need to protect the access panels of a retail fuel dispenser has become mandatory for gas station operators. Left unprotected, Organized crime will install credit card skimmers. Thieves will disable the fuel counter and pump for free.

As operators try to secure dispensers by changing locks, thieves quickly learn to get around replacement locks.

Loxahatchee Electronics has addressed these needs by creating an electronic alarm kit to monitor the access panels of a fuel dispenser. If an intrusion is detected the dispenser will be shut off by our Patented Technology.

Fuel dispenser tampering and credit card skimmers are increasingly common.
Our system is specifically designed for retail fuel dispensers.
The components are designed for this unique environment and
safeguards are in place for the hazardous conditions.
Underwriters Laboratory Listed.UL Listed Defender One

Loxahatchee has been providing the best in solutions and service to the retail petroleum environment since 1991.

pump locks are not the solution

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