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Loyalty concerns in retail fuel

Many retailers are left with no choice but to install skimmer protection into the dispensers at their stores.

Lost fuel inventories and customer financial data from retail dispensers is a significant source of stress and economic loss for fuel retailers. Some facilities rely on monitoring of the fueling process by personnel and self service equipment making the facilities vulnerable to theft of fuel. Often, by the time the monitoring personnel becomes aware of the theft, the thief has already left the facility and the loss has already occurred. When diesel fuel is stolen a very large amount of fuel can be lost in a a few minutes.

Fuel is stolen from retail dispensers using many techniques. For example, doors or panels on the fuel dispenser can be opened or removed to provide access to internal components of the dispenser. Components can be disabled so that fuel may be pumped from the dispenser without triggering any indication of fuel flow. In other cases, the dispenser is placed in a programming mode that is normally used to change operating characteristics of the fuel dispenser. Knowing what to do fuel can be pumped from the dispenser without triggering any indication of fuel flow.
A dispenser security system controls components to prevent the flow of fuel from the dispenser if the security system detects that dispenser is being tampered with. The dispenser security system includes sensors that detect and send signals to the dispenser security controller that receives the tampering signals. The Defender One security controller controls the dispenser based on inputs from the sensors. When an access panel or programming panel is moved out of position, a trigger signal is generated by the Defender One security controller that disables the dispenser. The Defender One security controller may also activate alert mechanisms.
The Defender One can prevent the flow of fuel out of the dispenser .

Lost Fuel: There have been organized thefts, losing thousands of gallons of fuel in a single incident.

Credit card skimmer found inside gas pump

Credit Card Skimming: This is a major concern particularly for a multi-station operator. Their reputation is at stake.
A breach may make it onto the local news.

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