Fuel system security deviceDefender One Fuel Security Device

Credit card skimmer defense for retail fuel dispensers.
When an intrusion is detected Defender One
Shuts down the fuel flow,
Sounds an alarm,
and can be monitored remotely!

PATENTED TECHNOLOGY protecting gas station customers credit card information.

The practice by crooks of hiding a tiny device, known as a skimmer, at fuel pumps to steal customers’ credit card and debit card information is a growing crime. A single skimmer can capture hundreds of card numbers, which are then sold on the black market. The skimmer is placed between the card reader and the computer, capturing and storing the customers’ data. Many gas station owners have tried a variety of ways to thwart skimmers, but only the Defender One has been independently proven.

Loxahatchee Electronics Corp. has worked diligently to develop retail pump security and to date there has never been a reported breach by the thousands using the Defender One alarm systems. The Defender One is installed inside the gas pump to monitor access panels and doors. Any time the fuel dispenser is opened by an intruder, including someone who has a key, a siren sounds and the unit is disabled, meaning fuel cannot be dispensed.
Fuel dispensers with the Defender One system display a label alerting consumers, and thieves, that the pump is protected by an electronic security system and any tampering will immediately disable the unit and activate an alarm.

Safely protects all areas of the fuel dispenser.
Florida Senate Bill Requirements SB0912
National Safety Standards (NFPA) 30, 30A and NEC 70


US Patented UL Listed california air resource board approved
Stops fuel and data theft in a dangerous environment.
Unmatched reliability and compliance!

Protect your BRAND from a credit card data breach.
25 years of the best technical support in the petroleum industry
Wired and wireless alerts available
ISO9001 Manufacturing
Underwriters Laboratory PEI MEMBER
pump locks are not the solution

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